About Us



At Natural Body Essentials, we take pride in each and every handcrafted product. Our products are especially wonderful because they are filled with all natural oils, raw ingredients and are perfect if you are looking for products with less harsh ingredients and chemicals. The natural ingredients target dry skin , scars, acne , eczema and can fade marks. The products will leave your skin silky smooth while locking in moisture and eliminating dark marks.


About The Founder

I am the Founder and Owner of Natural Body Essentials. My name is Latoya Johnson and I am a mother of 3. I personally handcraft each product in my home in Oreland, PA. My mission is to help people with skin insecurities, whether its eczema, dry skin, or just looking for a product line to make your skin glow. I started this skincare line not realizing how many people I would make an impact on. Natural body essentials focus is empowerment and focusing on overall self love. From a super relaxing amazing smelling candle to a face wash for stressed out skin. All products are made with the intention to bring positivity & self love while creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere .